Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - HIRING TEACHERS

I have always created all written content on From the reading comprehension drills and questions, to paralaughs and biographies, to interactive maps and interactive scavenger hunts, everything you see on has come from my brain and hands.

In an attempt to engage teachers across the nation, I am now hiring teachers to write specific content on  All pre K through Grade 8 Teachers are eligible. Simply e-mail me at if interested and let me know what you would like to submit. Please don't just create and send as I cannot guarantee payment. Teacher must have paypal account to accept payment. Below is a list of possibilities.

  1. Common Core Standards Lesson Plans centering on games and activities on  (250 avilable) $12.00 per plan. The lesson plan should follow standard format:

    Ststement of Standards
    Materials Needed
    Hook (or Prior Knowledge Activator)
    Introduction to skill (can be video or some other material)
    Introduction and Demonstration of Game
    Game Play
    Assessment, Assessments or Culminating Activity

    Examples at

  2. Biographies written specifically for kids in grades 2 and 3 with 8-10 multiple choice questions. $12.00 per bio/questions (100 available) These must be well-written and easy to read for young kids. Multiple choice questions must hit common core reading comprehension standards for grade level. Biographies must be "younger" versions of those already on at 
  3. Math Worksheets made by YOU for math skills taught in grades 3 - 6.  $8.00/per (100 available) These MUST BE original and must be ATTRACTIVE in format with Common Core Skill labeled. Examples at
  4. NEW - Teachers and Homeschooling Parents: Refer your Facebook or Twitter Friends to the Facebook Fan Page or Twitter Page and earn $0.25 per your referrals who "like" us on Facebook, or, who become twitter followers (up to a maximum of $20.00). Referrals must remain on our pages for at least two weeks.  
  5. Become an official TESTER on MrNussbaum Premium - We are actively searching for teachers to give us feedback on our premium offering, We are giving free one-year teacher and parent memberships (for one teacher or parent account and up to 40 students) in exchange for filling out a questionnaire regarding your experiences on the site. We think the site is REVOLUTIONARY, but we need to know what you think. 
Please note I will label all bios, worksheets, and lesson plans with your name and state. This is a GREAT opportunity to earn some additional money. Note that once payment is sent copyright/ownership of given material will be transferred to Nussbaum Education Network, LLC

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Are You Smarter than Mr. Nussbaum?

I recently launched the Nussbaum Neurons Site Currency System in tandem with the Are You Smarter than Mr. Nussbaum? educational program.

Please see the video below to learn about how Nussbaum Neurons constantly engages children, and how they can earn valuable prizes for participating. It is 100% free of charges and requires no personal information other than a parent e-mail address.

Students who are registered in the system also have the opportunity to earn additional Neurons by proving they are smarter than me. This week, students can earn 100 Neurons for defeating me in a game of Word Scramble. For students who can best my score of 20, simply take a screen shot of the results page and send it to Include the user name you used to register for Nussbaum's Neurons and I will add 100 Neurons to your account.  Every week,  I will post a new video of myself playing one of the 120 unique educational games on for children to view and best my score. 

To Play Word Scramble, please visit
To sign up for a Neurons Account, please visit
To participate in Are You Smarter than Mr. Nussbaum? Please visit