Monday, December 9, 2013

The Lost Lunchbox -- Win the Game and earn a shot at a Kurio 10S Android Tablet ($229 value)

Parents and Teachers,

The Lost Lunchbox is the one of internet’s first educational role-playing games (RPG) designed specifically for children in grades 3 –8. Conceived by Greg Nussbaum, creator of, and designed by the team at, The Lost Lunchbox is an unforgettable and exciting experience for students that incorporates critical thinking skills in multiple disciplines, problem solving, and a healthy dose of adventure and curiosity. The Lost Lunchbox is an outstanding, educational alternative to traditional video games that glamorize violence and promote mental stagnation.
The object of the game is to find the character’s lost lunchbox in an enchanted school. In order to find the lunchbox, the user has to accumulate a variety of prizes, tools, and clues that will lead to its location.  The accumulation of such objects is achieved through fulfilling the challenges in the school’s many classrooms.  The academic challenges were designed to be, well, challenging! Users will likely not succeed the first time. Some classrooms will require users to conduct minor on-line research or use process of elimination. Others will function as trials, in which users will improve over time before fulfilling that particular challenge. After the completion of each academic challenge, the user will undoubtedly feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Most users will not be able to “conquer” the game right away. It will take perseverance, persistence, and actual learning to do so. Below is a list of the academic challenges students have to fulfill to obtain the clues and prizes necessary to find the lunchbox.
  1. Conduct an online science experiment in which the user has to make a volcano and then make it erupt.
  2. Make ten math problems and answers from a series of six numbers
  3. Put a variety of “fun” historical events in their correct order (with respect to date).
  4. Pick out a misspelled word among twenty correctly spelled words. The user must spell the misspelled word correctly.
  5. Identify types of prose.
  6. Identify a missing word in a famous quote or passage.
  7. Identify U.S. states on a U.S.A map based on a clue.
  8. Play a memory game
  9. Identify musical instruments
  10. Dress up an athlete according to the clothes and equipment worn in a particular sport.
Fulfilling such academic challenges results in the user earning magic pencils, the game currency, or different tools or prizes.  Users need to fulfill these challenges to obtain secret codes, locker combinations, locations of secret passages, elevator passes and much more. Students can save their games like real video games!


You have left your lunchbox at school! That was the one thing you were told absolutely NOT to do when you were accepted to the Deep Chamber School, a school for mathematical and scientific geniuses ages 6-12. No one has ever left their lunchbox at school as far as you know -- in its entire 785 year history!  You get one lunchbox on your first day. If you leave it at school, you must return to find it.

You will have to go alone --- in the darkness, as non-students are not permitted to enter. As you get close to the Deep Chamber School at night, crickets stop chirping, birds stop singing, and the moon stops shining. Your school is not like most. Things happen when the kids leave. The building changes. The teachers change. You've never seen it, but you've heard stories. Some say the principal turns into a gnome. Others say the teachers use strange mathematical formulas to turn into evil story characters and reverse time. No matter what, you can't come home without that lunchbox.

The quest to find your lunchbox will be anything but easy. They've been waiting for this.


Rest assured, your lunchbox is there - somewhere. You will have to use your impressive academic skills in all subject areas to earn the school currency of magic pencils and gain clues to the location of your dear lunchbox. You will be required to complete various academic challenges that will push you to your scholastic limit and suck away your pivotal pencils if you fail. Be ready to conduct science experiences, complete math equations, identify types of prose, arrange historical events in their correct orders and much, much more. You will have to use the pencils and the clues you earn to find secret passages, secret rooms, locker and elevator codes, maps, and various detectors -- all of which will lead you one step closer to your precious lunch container. Beware of roaming security guards and the dreaded principal who will happily confiscate your hard earned magic pencils.

Finding your lost lunchbox will require time. You can save your game and anytime.

You can learn more by visiting
You can watch videos for how to win magic pencils, earn clues, and win academic challenges at

Win the game, and send me a screenshot of your victory certificate by the last day of December and earn a spot in a drawing for the Kurio 10S Android Tablet to be given away January 2 (provided there is at least one certificate submitted).


  1. you can get magic pencils when u wash ur hand in the cafeteria #hint

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    Just a commentary to thank you for your web site. I'm primary teacher of ENglish in Spain and since I've discovered I have used it a lot in my lessons. I have also made a new entry on my blog to publish your website to my followers. ;-)

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